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          Chairmen of the Board Ft. Ken Knox
Artist Rider to Contract…    by and between Ken Knox and… for services to be provided on  , 2019
The purpose of this Rider is to address physical and administrative requirements of the Artist and to help the Artist do everything possible to make your engagement a complete success.  If you have any problem with any of the items listed below, please contact Ken Knox, and I will do everything I can to help. 
Please use the Artist’s name in the following manner at all times: Chairmen of the Board (Feat Ken Knox). Any and all matters concerning business, special instructions, or problems, no matter how minor, should be discussed only with Ken Knox. 
Written directions and phone number to venue from a major highway must be forwarded in advance to Dream Entertainment Group. 
Contractor agrees to furnish a stage with the following minimum dimensions: A) at least 1 ½ feet high. 
At least twenty (20) feet wide 
At least twenty (20) feet deep 
Back Line
Full Set of Drums, Bass Amp, Guitar Amp, Keyboard Amp.
Microphones- (3) Wireless with Straight Mic Stands.

Contractor is to provide 220 volt power with 100 amp service within 100 feet of the stage. 
Contractor agrees to furnish dressing room(s) for Artist, which can comfortably hold Nine (9) men and is capable of being  locked for security purposes.  This is absolutely NOT to be a bathroom.  Contractor agrees to furnish dressing rooms with full length mirror and include (at no charge to Artist): 
Assorted Soft Drinks
Nine (9) Bath Towels 
Assorted Hot Food for (9) People 
Food Served two (2) hours prior to performance 
Artist must have access to place of performance at least four (4) hours prior to performance time for set up and sound check.  Please allow two (2) hours for the band to pack up after performance. 
Dream Entertainment Group will invoice Contractor for payment prior to the performance, and payment will be due within thirty (30) days of receipt.   
If the performance is to be held outside, Contractor must provide for the proper grounding of electrical equipment and instruments so as not to constitute a danger or hazard to Artist.  In the event of inclement weather, provisions are to be made to protect Artist’s equipment and instruments.  If the inclement weather persists and the Artist and/or Contractor determine there is a safety hazard, provisions must be made for the performance to be held in a convenient inside location.  If, due to inclement weather, the Contractor determines not to present the show or concert, the Artists shall nevertheless be paid in full the stated contract price.  In any event, the Artists are only obligated to set up their equipment one (1) time.  Complete stage cover for daytime outdoor engagements must be furnished by the Contractor, as intense sunlight can permanently damage delicate electronic equipment, as well as present a hardship for the Artists.  Please ensure a minimum of ten feet for clearance between stage and cover.  
CONCESSIONS:  Artist shall have the right to sell books, pictures, albums, tapes, clothing and other souvenir articles at the engagement.  Receipts thereof shall belong exclusively to the Artist with no commissions from sales payable to any person, hall, company auditorium, promoter, concessioner, or their representatives.  No other sales or distribution of material pertaining to the Artist shall be allowed without prior written consent.  Contractor must provide in premium area a counter or table where merchandise can be sold/distributed.  
ACCOMODATIONS:  Contractor must furnish One (1) King and  (4) Double Rooms at no cost to Artist (Hilton, Comfort Inn, Fairfield Inn, Quality Inn & Suites Hampton Inn, Marriot 
Courtyard, or Holiday Inn Express).  Any other Hotel/Motel must be approved by Artist Before confirming, or promoter can buy out the lodging at a cost of $750.00 which will be sent with deposit (This must be approved through Dream Entertainment Group first).    
Each of the terms of this Rider is essential to this contract and necessary for the Artist’s full performance.  Failure to comply with the conditions of this Rider that are not waived prior to engagement will constitute a breach of this Agreement by the Contractor, and the full amount as stated in the contract shall immediately become due and payable to the Artist. 
Ken Knox                                                                                                                                        
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Ken Knox                                     
816 Old Cedar Circle                     
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